Clearancing the small block for a larger than stock stroke

This is an accumilation of pictures gathered from around the net. Some from a 383 build, some from a 434 build, but the clearancing is the same.
No one can tell you 'how much' you will have to clearance for your particular combination of parts. This is just a guideline
of areas that you will need to pay attention to. And please note, this does not address any isues of cam lobe to rod shoulder clearance.
There are so many configurations of aftermarket 'stroker' rods, and modified stock rods that we'll save that for another day.
You absolutely MUST have 0.035" clearance between any components in the stroker motor. Most builders perfer 0.050" and that leaves a little comfort factor.
Use 0.035" as an absolute MINIMUM
So here we go....