10.4's @ 126 ,,then  9.90's with the first 434, now,, 9.14 @ 145, all motor, all SmallBlock!
When is enough enough

The 12.5:1 434 sbc made 666HP on the dyno and took Casa^Nova into the high 9's. AFR 220 heads right out of the box, Crower roller, Crower shaft rockers,
Holley ProRam with a pair of Proform 750,,, nothing real trick here, But was enough to put the car nearly on the bumper. 150' wheelies are fun, but sure are hard on suspensiopn. Here's a poor quality video of one of the early 06 passes.

 9.9 pass and lots of air time  OUCH!  (a 5meg video)

With the stock front suspension beat up, it was time for a few chassis upgrades.

The AJE 'bolt on' front frame became anything but a 'bolt on' . A LOT of headaches and problems, but in the end I have to say they make an OK product and are OK to stand behind their work.

When is enough enough????
I'm not sure, but the fun begins. In early 06 I had a chance to pick up a set of BES/Uratchko developed AllPro bare castings from Uratchko Racing engines. Chris put a ton of work into the what was already a killer head. A lot of work went into building a package around the heads, but the results were WELL worth the investiment in $' and effort. After a chassis cert and a lot of upgrades to the car she has a best of 9.2's @ 144. Some updated pictures to come soon, but heres a sneek peak of the new bullet. 797HP n/a on a notoriously conservitive dyno.

 Oh what a joy to hear your baby scream for the first time  (a short dyno movie)

(really need to thank Chris Uratchko, Jay Allen and Larry Pedo for all their help)

Here's a preview shots as the new bullet was going in. More pics to come soon.

Things get a little busy underhood


Yes, that IS the Casa^ Nova you saw in the opening segemnt of Pinks All Out from Phoenix.. The poor thing was wounded, but WTF, 9 seconds of fame is better than none